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Hey my lovely Membersheepys♥
It's been really quiet in our group lately. I'm really sorry about that, but I haven't got so much free time at the moment. v.v I will do my best to do more for the group in the future, but I have to say, that I simply lack the time for some of the group activities at the moment:

- For all new members: I'm really sorry, but I can't write the personal welcome messages at the moment. v.v Thank you so much for choosing my group. I'm really happy about it and welcome it if you would like to contribute some artwork. We love getting all the new artwork.  
I will do my best to use the time, which I will save by not writing the welcome messages, for things like contests or other interesting events in the future.  

I hope that's okay with everyone?
Please tell me your opinion by writing a comment. If you'd like to, that is.  

~Foundersheepy DeadSharki~

*edited by :iconsilver-eyes-blue:
♪♫♥HaPPy ChrisTmaS anD a wonDerfuL neW YeaR♥♫♪
I hope you all get amazing christmas presents, awesome
christmas dinner and so on♥
I wish all your dreams come true in the new year
Anime+Manga foreverxD-^-^-

Love you all♥♫
~Foundersheepy DeadSharki~
Our second contest is sadly over now. v.v
It was a lot of work to do, but it was fun! ♥

We had a total of 95 contest entries.

I’m really happy about the many unique and awesome contest entries.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated!♥

I also wish to thank everyone for all the wonderful prize donations! ♫

I counted the votes and this is the result: winner: :iconamg192003: (41 votes) winner: :iconlolamamy: (38 votes) winner: :iconavvyraptor: (14 votes)

Congratulations to the lucky winners! ♥
The prizes will be given to you in the upcoming days!  

And I am really sorry that not everyone could win, but there will be more contests and more opportunities to win awesome prizes in the future!

*Correction of text by: :iconsilver-eyes-blue:

♫Foundersheepy DeadSharki♥

Now we are ready for the voting for our three winners of our Halloween contest 2011♥
Thank you so much for all the wonderful contest entries♫

I said I would decide on top 6 entries myself this time, and then you will vote to pick the three lucky winners.
I hope that's okay for all our members? I’m really sorry for all members, whose contest entrys I didn't choose.v.v It was a really hard decision for me, hopefully the right one.

♥Now to our Voting♥

Every member of XLovedArtistsX has three votes. It doesn't matter matter whether you give your three votes to one contest entry, to two or to three of them. It’s your choice. Members, who participated in this contest can vote too, but not for their own contest entries. ♥ The three contest entries with the most votes win our Halloween contest 2011!

Here are my decisions of the top 6 contest entries, and these are the ones you can vote for to decide on the top 3 winners!

:wizardhat::iconmemainc: with “Beware with the wolf”

:wizardhat::iconyueyuki: with “Trick or Treat”

:wizardhat::iconavvyraptor: with “This is Halloween”

:wizardhat::iconamg192003: with “Halloween 2011”

:wizardhat::iconlolamamy: with “Trick or treat ?”

:wizardhat::iconpsychoseby: with “Happy Halloween”

VOTING-DEADLINE: 2011/11/10!

Please vote for the three winners♥
Please look at all top 6 contest entrys, before you vote!
It’s your decision♥

Please comment by adding a comment to this blog entry!

Thank you so much for the attention♥

♪Your Foundersheepy DeadSharki♥
Our second contest start now♥

:empllama:The task: Draw your imaginative idea of Halloween:emplllama:

(:iconsilver-eyes-blue: She rewrites Important, Ideas and Rules for me, know I hope it's clearly to understand♥ My english is not really well. Thank you so much for doing it silver-eyes-blue♥)

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter, how old your entry is, but the title needs to be exciting! We don’t accept artwork with a title that is merely a date, like for instance 2009, 2010 or 04.05.2011. You can choose a title like "Halloween", "scary" or anything similar. It needs to describe your piece.

Ideas (What you could draw):
:bulletgreen:Vampires, witches, werewolfs, ghosts...
:bulletgreen:An anime/manga girl or boy, who is a vampire or a witch
:bulletgreen:The artwork could be scary and/or cute
:bulletgreen:You could draw a scene/person or other things from a Horror/Mystery/Thriller movie (NOT ALLOWED: Saw, or other torture movies. Extreme gore isn't allowed.)
:bulletgreen:Trick or Treat
:bulletgreen: Cemetery
:bulletgreen: Victoria Frances artworks in anime/manga style with new poses
:bulletgreen:People/things/animals from the Harry Potter universe in anime/manga style
:bulletgreen:Fanart or/and Original Characters

:bulletred: Please read and follow all our rules!
:bulletred:Artworks in anime or manga style ONLY!
:bulletred:No artworks which you submitted to other contests. Your entry needs to be exclusive to our contest.
:bulletred:You can draw as many girls, boys, animals or other things per artwork as you'd like, but you have to draw at least one girl or boy per artwork
:bulletred:Only members can participate in our contest
:bulletred:No linearts or black and white artworks, just colored artworks
:bulletred:Just one contest entry per member
:bulletred:No icons or edits, only original artworks accepted.
:bulletred:We don’t accept girls/boys/animals with alcohol, cigarettes...
:bulletred:No artworks with sexual content or artworks for 18 years old people
:bulletred:The artwork which you want to submit for the contest, can be already in this group, then tell me and I will move it to the contest folder!
:bulletred:You could participate in this contest and still donate prizes, but you don't have to donate anything, if you want to participate. ♥

♫The cute Prizes♥

:icondeadsharki:  XLovedArtistsX Featured Gallery place for the winner artwork
:iconkahookashii: 200 Points
:iconsilver-eyes-blue: 100 Points
:icongurugurumawaru: 75 Points
:iconsitraxis: Artist Support stamp
:iconabondz: Chibi artwork commission
:iconnemi09: Chibi artwork commission
:iconhyo-san-desu: Full CG chibi artwork commission (one character)
:iconnauticalsparrow: Chibi artwork commission
:iconharu-tchi: Chibi artwork commission
:iconcorky-tan: Colored Chibi artwork commission
:icons-unt: Full body coloured artwork commission
:iconfoofzy: Full body artwork colored commission
:iconkajalla: Full body artwork commission
:iconmikrideb: A character of your choice in traditional media
:iconchiinatsuu: Request of a girl (oc or fanart)
:iconfefe996: Icon commission
:iconsilver-eyes-blue: A Feature
:iconblackstarlight17: A Feature (icon link)
:iconkilling-idol: Llama
:iconmiyatoriaka: Llama

:iconkahookashii: 100 Points
:icongurugurumawaru: 50 Points
:icond-emulator: 20 Points (given by me)
:iconsitraxis: Artist Support stamp
:iconnemi09: Chibi artwork commission
:iconharu-tchi: Chibi artwork commission
:iconnauticalsparrow: Chibi artwork commission
:iconkajalla: Digital chibi artwork commission
:iconfoofzy: Waist up colored artwork commission
:iconcrimsonstigmata2501: Simple lineart commission
:iconmikrideb: A character of your choice in traditional media
:iconbaka-pet: A character with simple BG Request
:iconchiinatsuu: Request of a girl
:iconfefe996: Icon commission
:iconsilver-eyes-blue: A Feature
:iconkilling-idol: Llama
:iconmiyatoriaka: Llama

:iconkahookashii: 50 Points
:icons-unt: 50 Points
:icongurugurumawaru: 25 Points
:iconsitraxis: Artist Support stamp
:iconnemi09: Chibi artwork commission
:iconharu-tchi: Chibi artwork commission
:iconkajalla: Digital chibi artwork commission
:iconfoofzy: Waist up colored artwork commission
:iconmikrideb: A character of your choice in traditional media
:iconfefe996: Icon commission
:iconwundrfool: Anime/Manga Request
:iconchiinatsuu: Request of a girl
:iconsilver-eyes-blue: A Feature
:iconkilling-idol: Llama
:iconmiyatoriaka: Llama

Consolation Prizes:
For all members, who participate our contest and don’t win:
:icondeadsharki: Llama
:iconmiyatoriaka: Llama

How we decide the winners this time:
First voting phase: I will decide probable 6 contest entrys, who come in the last phase.
Second (last) voting phase: Then you (every member have one vote) will choose your favorite one of them. More to the voting after the deadline.

I really hope we have so many members, who participate the contest this time again♥
I would be really happy♫

If you like to participate:
Please send your entry to the “Contest Entrys” Folder.
Here you found the folder:…

Or go to our gallery, you found the folder there too.

The DEADLINE of our Halloween contest:
2011/10/31 (31.October 2011)!

Thank you so much♥

♫Your Foundersheepy DeadSharki♫

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